Although it is a recommended airline I recommend ANA.

The airline I would like to recommend is

The airline I would like to recommend is ""Singapore Airlines"". I used it when I went to England, but the cabin attendant here is different from ordinary cabin attendant in uniform and I wear national costume called salon kebaya as a uniform. So what? There may be people who think that this is quite good. When saying which area is better, you can taste foreign feelings from the time you first flew to the plane. Although I was at the airport in Japan until a while, when I get on an airplane I feel a foreign country at once. Besides, I feel healing in Asian taste costumes. It is a healing and comfortable thing in euphoria. There are Japanese crews, and it is safe even in case of emergency. Just because everyone is an Asian type face, it may be difficult to find a Japanese crewman by myself. But when I am in trouble, I do not have to worry because I will call a Japanese crew properly. I do not plan to go abroad for a while, but I also want to use Singapore Airlines if I have the opportunity to go to the UK, the U.S.