Although it is a recommended airline I recommend ANA.

The airline I recommend is ANA.

The airline I recommend is ANA. The recommended point is not safety and in-flight services, but mileage is easy to store. One of the reasons is that there are many partnerships with other industries such as Family, Gas Station and Yamada Electric. ""T point"" is often used. You can earn points by renting at TUTAYA, shopping at FamilyMart, other shopping, entry, registration, etc., and you can exchange the accumulated points for ANA mileage. Rakuten can also convert points to ANA mileage. I have saved 20,000 miles in a year alone with the net. Since the expiration date of the mile is 3 years, it does not mean that the expiration date has expired before using it. In addition, Star Alliance, to which ANA is affiliated, has more affiliated airlines than any one world or sky team, and can go anywhere in the world. It is also attractive to have many Asian routes. Northwest Airlines also has an expiration date indefinitely, it is easy to save miles, but I do not use it much because there are no flights I want. A pleasant trip wherever you go. But it is more fun if I can go without free. The current goal is to save 50,000 miles and go to the Caribbean.

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