Although it is a recommended airline I recommend ANA.

Business trip .

Business trip ... It is not only salaried workers, but people who work may not necessarily experience as much as they can say. I have business trips in Osaka → Tokyo twice a month. It is troublesome, on the other hand, I live alone for a while, I am doing some fun. Every time I travel by airplane between Osaka and Tokyo. ""Kansai - Haneda"", an flight of about an hour, it is quite time for me to take time and it is one of the pleasures of a business trip. Although it is an airline to use there, I am saving miles so I try to use one airline company as much as possible. This mile is well worth collecting and various benefits are included so I am looking forward to it. After that there is convenient flight time, it is already OK if you can change the flight. Especially in services like premature diving, there are many cases that change of flights does not work, but in my case, work often becomes late, and I want to return soon if it ends soon! Because there is also a thing, we will change the flights on a regular basis. Well, soon, miles has approached 10000 miles. Now what should I buy ... thinking.