Although it is a recommended airline I recommend ANA.

I go abroad every year.

I go abroad every year. When I get on a domestic flight, I usually have about 20 minutes of departing so I do not have much time, but when traveling abroad, it will take time to depart when the airport is crowded, so it is quite a bit I am trying to get to the airport with enough time. Recently I found a massage chair. There are various manufacturers of massage chairs, and the favorite manufacturer's massage chair has become available to put coins. In the meantime, a foreign woman used it. She was alone, but she seemed to know that there was a massage chair there, and she also knew that she feels good, so she used it right away. I have to take an airplane for a long time before arriving at the destination and it gets tired even though I am quite tired by the time I come to the airport. I think that it is good to take even a little tiredness collected at the airport at least. It 's pretty crowded because it' s pretty much out of the way, and it is recommended.

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